CO2CRC was established in 2003 under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program to provide leading scientific and engineering solutions and knowledge to support the development and maintenance of a safe and viable CCUS industry in Australia


CO2CRC was established to enable industry relevant world-class collaborative research and demonstration of carbon capture and storage (CCUS) as a major emissions reduction technology. At the conclusion of the initial funding cycle in 2010, CO2CRC Limited was established as an incorporated, not-for-profit research organisation.

Recognising the opportunity and urgency to deliver CCUS solutions, the Australian Government awarded CO2CRC $51.6 million for CCS research infrastructure under the Education Investment Fund (EIF) in 2013. The project, known as CCSNET is a collaborative network of research infrastructure comprising laboratory upgrades and new plant and equipment.Consisting of 21 assets across three subprojects, CCSNET will deliver the infrastructure that produces the technologies to reduce the costs of CCUS.

In 2014, the Commonwealth Government committed a further $25 million in funding from its CCS Flagship Program to enable the newly established company, CO2CRC Ltd to continue to develop and deliver a breadth of research and demonstration projects.

CO2CRC no longer receives CRC Program funding although it continues to be funded through government grants, membership fees, direct investment from industry and the provision of technical advisory services. CO2CRC continues to deliver on its pioneering R&D agenda but with a renewed focus towards commercial adaptability through cost-effectiveness.