Since 2003, CO2CRC has made significant contributions to the science and demonstration of CCUS. As one of the world’s leading providers of collaborative CCUS research, products and services, CO2CRC succeeds in adding value to industry, government and researchers.

Research expertise

CO2CRC accesses many of the world’s best researchers across the fields of capture, storage and monitoring. The strength of this partnership has resulted in an established track record of successful research and substantial international profile. With many thousands of research publications and technical papers, and established relationships with industry, government and regulators, CO2CRC is a trusted technical focal point and knowledge hub for the CCUS community in Australia and internationally. Our extensive established linkages with international industry and researchers, including the IEAGHG program, CSLF, IPCC, the International Test Centre Network and the Global CCS Institute and a network of leading universities enhance and ensure that the research and services we offer are directly relevant to the needs and aspirations of stakeholders.

Global recognition

  • Carbon Capture and Storage specialists from the International Energy Agency have reviewed the CO2CRC’s monitoring program at the Otway Research Facility and found to be one of the most comprehensive in the world.
  • In early 2007 more than 30 countries from the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum, focusing on the development of improved cost-effective technologies for CCUS, endorsed the Otway International Test Centre as a project of international significance.
  • In recognition of its scientific importance, CO2CRC’s Otway International Test Centre is registered as an Asset of National Significance by the Australian Government.
  • CO2CRC is a member of the International Test Centre Network (ITCN), a global coalition of facilities working to accelerate R&D of carbon capture technologies through sharing knowledge of technological developments and construction and operational experience.