As an additional CO2-mitigation strategy to carbon capture and storage, CO2 capture and utilisation is attracting increasing interest globally.

CO2CRC is currently working with partners to examine the economic and technical feasibility and potential of using CO2 in Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2-EOR) in Australia.  Two studies are currently underway. The first study will screen and rank Australian oil and gas geological basins based on their potential for CO2-EOR and associated CO2 storage and the second study will explore the potential opportunities for CO2-EOR at the field level in onshore basins in Australia.

Other areas of focus include a feasibility study exploring the development of a biorefinery industry based on the valorisation of non-food biomass and CO2 to produce biofuels and biodegradable plastics.

CO2CRC also supports research and development into CO2 utilisation projects and services. A current initiative is conversion of CO2 using renewable hydrogen into products such as methane or methanol. Our focus is on improving the engineering, design and operation of systems including heat management, catalysis development, integrated CO2 capture and CO2 conversion through process integration.