CO2CRC offers multi-disciplinary technical consultation, advisory and project management services across the CCUS value chain including project conceptualisation, technical and commercial feasibility studies, project design, implementation, operation as well as desktop studies.

CCUS services

For more than 15 years, CO2CRC have demonstrated CCUS expertise in our own projects from: development in feasibility and FEED; execution project plans in facility construction & drilling operations; undertaking capture, transport, injection and monitoring operations; and closing out operational projects safely. Our demonstrated expertise, knowledge and experience cover:

  • Capture and utilisation
  • Transportation
  • Regional geological characterisation
  • Storage site appraisal
  • CO2 injection into depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs and saline aquifers
  • Multidisciplinary subsurface studies for both CCS and CCUS including CO2-EOR, EGR and ECBM
  • Field development and appraisal plans
  • Storage monitoring and surveillance design and implementation
  • Well integrity
  • Pilot and demonstration planning
  • Legislative and regulatory advice
  • Environmental impacts
  • Risk assessments and uncertainty analysis
  • Project management services
  • Community engagement / social license to operate

Our approach utilises in-house expertise as well as CCUS talent from local and international organisations and we leverage this exceptional resource to tailor specifically to our customers’ technical, business and collaborative requirements.

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