CO2CRC invites organisations interested in developing and benefiting from research
and demonstration in carbon capture and storage technologies to become industry member partners and derive the following benefits .

Preferential access to the Otway National Research Facility

As owner and operator of the Otway National Research Facility, CO2CRC have so far invested over A$100 million to demonstrate real-world injection, storage and monitoring techniques. The Research Facility is one of the largest CO2 storage demonstration laboratories in the world and is unique in terms of its variety in reservoir types, structures and seals. It has a ready supply of CO2 from an in-situ natural gas field, all necessary regulatory approvals and the support of local communities to undertake CCUS investigations.

The facility operates to petroleum industry standards and has outstanding regulatory compliance. Members have the opportunity to test their own technologies at this comprehensive research facility.

Priority access to research findings, including proprietary databases, data sets, models and methodologies.

CO2CRC accesses many of the world’s best researchers across the fields of capture, storage and monitoring to deliver a focused technical and research work program.  The strength of this partnership has made a significant contribution to the science of CCUS through desktop, laboratory and field-scale demonstrations.  CO2CRC has produced thousands of scientific publications and technical reports, developed unique datasets and established industry relevant methodologies in the field of CCUS, many of which are available only to members.

A license to use and deploy CO2CRC developed IP

Members have access to use and deploy CO2CRC IP within their operations and benefit from the experience and technical capabilities of in-house and a large, global network of expertise.

An opportunity to influence the direction of future research

CO2CRC’s research directions are driven by members in industry and government.  Members participate in the Program Advisory Committee and help guide and develop the CO2CRC R&D program and ensure that the research is relevant to member’s needs and aspirations.