CO2CRC is a world class CCUS research organisation with a strong team of experts and leading-edge research laboratories and demonstration facilities.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of a strong research program and CO2CRC has continued to strengthen its national and international partnerships with a broad range of industry stakeholders across different resource sectors including oil and gas, coal, power generation and related service industries.  CO2CRC offers organisations interested in developing and benefiting from research and demonstration in carbon capture and storage technologies a variety of options for working together including membership, technical advisory and project management services and access to the Otway International Test Centre.

Through these trusted alliances, we offer businesses the following:

  • Access to new CCUS technologies and intellectual property.
  • Collaborative development to mature and test CCUS technologies through access to the Otway International Test Centre and leading R&D and operational capabilities.
  • Access to national and international experts and research institutions in the field of CCUS.
  • The opportunity to leverage core research funding and research infrastructure from the Australian Government.
The Otway National Research Facility Centre


CO2CRC works with global industry, academic and government partners to shape, support and undertake research.  Our members recognise the strategic importance of having a collaborative R&D centre such as CO2CRC systemically progressing the science and engineering of CCUS.

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Technical advisory and consultancy services

CO2CRC offers multi-disciplinary technical consultation, advisory and project management services across the CCUS value chain including project conceptualisation, technical and commercial feasibility studies, project design, implementation, operation as well as desktop studies.

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The Otway International Test Centre

CO2CRC owns and operates the Otway International Test Centre, a major global test centre and one of the only sites in the world where storage and capture technologies can be tested in the same in-field laboratory.  The site has diverse subsurface characteristics, an on-site source of CO2, strong regulatory compliance and community trust.  These features, together with more than A$100 million capital and technical investment in the facility’s storage, subsurface monitoring and capture capabilities make it a world-class test facility to advance the science and engineering of CCUS technologies.

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Buttress wellhead and compression station