What does the U mean in CCUS?

The U in CCUS stands for Utilisation and refers to the process of re-using the captured carbon emissions to potentially be used in the process of producing plastic, concrete, biofuels and food. Captured carbon is also used in a process called Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to help extract greater loads from oil and gas reservoirs.

A growing list of potential uses for captured CO2 includes the enhancement of crop growth inside closed greenhouses; as well as applications in fields to support crop growth. It plays a role in providing pressurised gas for pneumatic pressure tools in the construction and has an expanding presence in the medical sector, particularly in a range of surgeries.

CO2CRC considers that substantial opportunities exist in the production of valuable by-products of the CO2 Capture process itself, especially with development of integrated or hybrid capture and utilisation processes. While this is currently considered a niche opportunity, CO2CRC considers that it is nevertheless an opportunity that should be considered and that it is one with considerable upside potential (especially when large volumes of CO2 are being captured prior to sequestration).

co2 utilisation