Success at GHGT-13

Several CO2CRC staff have recently returned from the 13th Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT), held in Switzerland from 14 to 18 November 2016.

The event was very successful for CO2CRC, with the highlight being a Networking Reception hosted by CO2CRC in association with UKCCSRC and Norway’s NCCS. We used the function to showcase our upcoming Stage 3 storage research in front of an audience of 350 people. Our CEO, Tania Constable’s speech and the accompanying video had the desired effect, generating interest in funding our next major project.

Delegates also heard from Gassnova, Statoil and Japan CCS Co about the work they are doing to advance carbon capture and storage (CCS). It was well understood by the delegates that CCS is needed as part of the emissions reduction solution, and it is needed now.

CO2CRC gave speeches and presented posters on their wide-ranging capture and storage research. We were able to demonstrate that we are well positioned to meet the challenge of getting CCS to the level required to bring about large-scale CO2 reductions. Several other presentations and one-on-one meetings with potential partners took place, where again the aim was to secure interest in Stage 3. Pleasingly, we signed a formal agreement with the International Capture Technology Network at the event.

The conference also allowed us to feature the research being conducted at our Otway Research Facility.  In particular, the new capture rig, which is testing efficient and cost-effective ways of capturing CO2 from a high concentration natural gas well. This new research was also presented in a poster by Dr Abdul Qader, CO2CRC’s Capture Facilities Manager.