Sym2019 award winners

A round of applause for our award winners

Congratulations to all the winners announced at the CO2CRC CCUS Symposium Awards Dinner, held recently at RACV Resort, Torquay.

Dr Charles Jenkins (CSIRO): John Tyndall Award for Excellence in CCS Research

This award is for Charles’ outstanding contribution as Science Lead of the Otway Stage 3 project. Charles’ inputs were pivotal in several key decision points along the seven year journey of the project.  Charles assured scientific integrity across a breadth of specialist disciplines in a changing and challenging environment as the project evolved. His innovative and deep thinking led the evolution of the project from an original multi lateral well to a more versatile and lower risk project of five wells in lieu of one. This led to a significant risk reduction and allowed the integration of new monitoring technologies in the current innovative configuration. Charles fostered the development of fundamental science and led it with the team to pass multiple international peer reviews. Along the way, he coached and directed researchers to experience the difficult juncture of science, innovation, funding, risks, and management to make the crucial Stage 3 project happen.

Charles is an outstanding, internationally recognised scientist, and we are delighted to have him in our team.

Dr Tess Dance (CSIRO): Award for her Strong Geological Contribution to all Otway Projects

Tess has been the Otway geologist for over a decade and her knowledge of geology of the Otway site is the key to all our projects. She published a series of journal papers of outstanding quality that have advanced our understanding of the design of storage. Tess also finished her PhD this year, focussed solely on the Otway projects.

Professor Paul Webley (The University of Melbourne): Award for Innovation in Addressing Energy Challenges involving CCS

Paul was deeply involved in the Otway Capture Skid as the key designer and innovator, and the driving force behind the adsorption unit. Paul is a constant contributor to CO2CRC’s member engagement. He also has creative and innovative inputs into our future strategy with respect to future fuels and energy conversion, involving CCS.

Associate Professor Roman Pevzner (Curtin University): Award for Continuous Innovation in Seismic Monitoring and Industry Engagement

Roman is the thought leader of a team that is continuously and rapidly leveraging learnings from today’s work to initiate the next generation of seismic monitoring techniques.

As an example, his innovations on passive seismic monitoring and trials to overcome data transmission from distant offshore sites are highly commended.

Dr Colin Scholes (The University of Melbourne): Award for Innovation on Novel Membrane-Solvent Contactor Technologies

Colin took a highly methodological approach to designing and operating our plant at the Vales Point Power Station. He steered the research to implement a continuous absorption and desorption process in the Membrane-Solvent Contactor plant at  Vales Point, which was the world’s first trial of that kind.

Dr Jonathan Ennis-King and Dr James Gunning (CSIRO): Award for Developing the Fundamental Science behind Pressure Tomography

Over the last few years, both researchers developed the fundamental equations and algorithms to a point where the application is now a monitoring concept mature enough for field testing and potential application in industrial scale CCS projects.

Dr Andrew Feitz (Geoscience Australia): Award for International Engagement on Fault Characterisation relevant to CO2 Storage

For over five years Andrew has been a passionate proponent of the need to characterise faults for CO2 storage. In this vein, Andrew was the driving force behind initiating and designing the Otway Shallow Fault project, to which he has attracted many international research and industry stakeholders.