Circular Biomanufacturing and Hydrogen Hub

CO2CRC is proposing to create the world's first integrated demonstration of a Circular Biomanufacturing and Hydrogen Hub (CBHub)

Circular Biomanufacturing and Hydrogen Hub (CBHub)

CO2CRC is proposing to create the world’s first integrated demonstration Circular Biomanufacturing and Hydrogen Hub (CBHub) that would:

  • Accelerate commercial application of advanced biomanufacturing technology,
  • Maintain, upskill, and create jobs for the local regional workforce,
  • Provide the pathway to commercial biomanufacturing operations capable of producing carbon negative chemicals, fuels and materials,
  • Commercialise economic pathways for waste conversion back to products to tackle waste pollution and fast track transition to circular bioeconomy,
  • Promote and commercialise hydrogen production,
  • Provide significant economic benefit to regional areas


Biomanufacturing has the potential to transform the energy transition and help tackle the global challenge of decarbonising the petrochemical and manufacturing industry.

Biomanufacturing applies the principles of engineering and chemical design to biological systems and can replace petrochemical and manufacturing-linked pollution and emissions.

A 2020 report by McKinsey identifies in principle that it could be possible that 60 percent of the physical inputs to the global economy could be produced biologically.

In 2020, $36.6 billion was invested through global venture capital funding and the direct economic impact of biotechnology and biomanufacturing advances could be up to $4 trillion a year for the next ten to 20 years.

There is still a significant amount of research and technology demonstration required to advance biomanufacturing and CO2CRC are leading the way in addressing the challenges of decarbonising the petrochemical and manufacturing industries.

Circular biomanufacturing and hydrogen hub


The CBHub would be a world first in negative emission and circular manufacturing technology development, bringing together production, utilisation and recycling into a single demonstration biorefinery to demonstrate complete supply chain solutions for an integrated hydrogen and circular bioeconomy.

The CBHub is a commercially relevant demonstration plant that accelerates the pathway towards a full-scale circular advanced biomanufacturing industry hub.

The CBHub intends to bring renewable, clean and carbon negative advanced biomanufacturing and hydrogen technologies to commercial maturity through an integrated demonstration process involving:

  • Feedstocks of plastic, biowaste, non-food biomass, CO2 and hydrogen.
  • Combustion, renewable carbon capture, electrolysis and hydrogenation technologies.
  • Biomass hydrolysis and fermentation technologies.
  • Separation and purification technologies.
  • Upgrading to value-added biochemicals, biopolymers, biofuels, materials and products.

The renewable products could be used in a range of industry/consumer products such as fuel/energy, packaging, synthetic/textile fibres, plastics, construction to create a circular economy

Key benefits

The world’s first integrated demonstration of a Circular Biomanufacturing and Hydrogen Hub (CBHub)

The CBHub demonstration plant can provide a fast-tracked pathway for the local industry to transition to commercially viable advanced biomanufacturing, by laying the foundations for a full-scale carbon negative biorefinery that could: 

Potentially replace all petrochemical products with renewable bio-chemicals/fuels
Provides carbon negative materials for construction, plastics, automotive, and solar panels
Promote economic transition for the recycling industry to convert wastes and implement a circular economy
Produce of carbon negative hydrogen

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