CO2CRC’s capture program focuses on the development and field trials of technologies including membranes, adsorbents, solvents and cryogenic solutions that can be adapted or combined to achieve compact and efficient CO2 separation solutions.

Otway capture research project

CO2CRC’s pilot scale capture facility at the Otway International Test Centre is designed to test innovative adsorbent and membrane materials using natural gas from its own Buttress well.

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Membrane gas-solvent contactor pilot plant trials

Membrane contactors are a hybrid technology that enable efficient carbon capture from industrial flue gas. Pilot plant trials were conducted at the Vales Point Power Station in NSW using the flue gas of the coal fired power plant.

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Highlights of previous capture research

Since its inception, CO2CRC has made significant contribution to the science of carbon capture through its unique research assets.

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From lab to pilot scale