October 2020 CO2CRC Insights Newsletter

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This month’s edition covers:

  • Policy: Federal government Technology Roadmap identifies CCS as priority area for investment 
  • Policy: Federal Budget support for low emissions technologies
  • Investment: Massive investment in CCS “vital” – IEA
  • Projects: Gorgon confirmation of 3m tonnes of CO2 stored
  • Collaboration: Australia-Japan CCUS/Carbon Recycling Workshop
  • Investment: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announces it will build a CCS system for ships 
  • Policy and Investment: Norwegian government announces USD1.8 billion in funding for Longship CCUS project 
  • Policy: US Department of Energy announces USD72 million in new funding for CCS
  • Research: US study finds CCS is a key element in zero-emissions electricity goals
  • Policy: US Department of Energy study builds case for CCUS in Wyoming
  • Investment: Seven US states commit to CO2 transportation plan
  • Policy: UK government releases response to consultation on CCUS
  • FEATURE: Economic stretch goal – $20 per tonne of CO2