New carbon capture and storage laboratory opens at Federation University’s Gippsland Campus

CO2CRC Limited and Federation University Australia will officially open a new carbon capture and storage (CCS) laboratory at Federation University Australia’s Gippsland Campus on Friday 16 September at 3pm.

The Hon Darren Chester, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and Federal Member for Gippsland, will open this vital technology and analytical resource.

The FedUni laboratory is part of the Australian CCS Research Laboratories Network (CCSNet). It is funded through a $2.3 million agreement between the Australian Government’s Education Investment Fund and CO2CRC Limited.

The new laboratory will conduct important research into a range of CCS technologies, with the aim of reducing the cost of implementation so as to make price-competitive carbon reduction options.

“The new laboratory’s location at Federation University Australia’s Gippsland Campus is particularly fitting, given that nearly 90 per cent of Australia’s brown coal reserves are located here,” Dr Vincent Verheyen, Director of the Carbon Technology Research Centre at Federation University Australia, said.

“The laboratory will make a significant contribution to the understanding and implementation of solvent-based post-combustion capture at Latrobe Valley Brown Coal power generation facilities.

“While the initial focus of the facilities will be on local flue gas, the knowledge gained will be relevant to other power generators and broadened to pre-combustion coal to product applications around the country and internationally,” Dr Verheyen said.

Tania Constable, CO2CRC’s CEO, believes that carbon capture storage can and should play a vital role in supporting the renewal of the Gippsland region and Federation University will play its part. Ms Constable said, “CCS is the only proven and reliable technology to remove large scale emissions from power generation and industrial processes. The Gippsland Community’s Plan for action highlights the potential of CCS. This means thousands of jobs for the Gippsland region and will remove over 10 per cent of Australia’s emissions.”

One of the goals of the Commonwealth Education Investment Funded Centre will be to focus on undertaking future energy training and research towards environmentally neutral and costed effective carbon based technologies.

The facility will provide a community focal point for science on brown coal and related energy knowledge topics. It will provide energy education services to community groups and students from primary school to post-graduate level.


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