Minister Frydenberg says carbon capture and storage is absolutely critical

In an interview on the ABC’s Insiders program on Sunday 19 February 2017, Energy and Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg, described CCS as “absolutely critical”.

Minister Frydenberg said that the government was focused on energy security and affordability, while accepting that we’re moving to a lower emissions future, with CCS playing a key role.

“I can quote him directly (Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel) and he says that low emissions coal with CCS – carbon capture and storage – is a very effective and very legitimate technology,” said Frydenberg.

The minister said that to ensure an economic and stable energy supply we need to be technology neutral and embrace a combination of wind, solar, gas and coal.

“The CO2 Cooperative Research Centre in Melbourne has done an economic study of the various options and found that clean coal is cost effective with both wind as well as gas,” said Fydenberg.

To deal with carbon dioxide “carbon capture and storage is absolutely critical,” he said.

View the full Insiders interview with Minister Frydenberg here.