Korea’s Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) has joined Australia’s world-leading carbon capture, utilisation and storage research institute CO2CRC, helping it to forge deeper international ties to accelerate the implementation of CCUS technologies

KIGAM is a leading Korean Government-funded geoscience R&D organisation that provides innovative geoscience and technology solutions to support sustainable growth.

CO2CRC CEO, Dr Matthias Raab, said: “We are delighted to have KIGAM as a member of CO2CRC and contribute to our research and development program. KIGAM is Korea’s leading national geoscience research institute and the expertise and knowledge that they will bring into CO2CRC will help accelerate CCUS technology developments.

“CCUS has a vital role to play for both nations in achieving net zero goals by 2050. The versatility of CCUS in lowering emissions extends across heavy industry, decarbonising natural gas processing, power generation, ammonia, steel and cement production.”

A signing ceremony at the second K-CCUS conference was held in Seoul yesterday, attended by Dr Raab and Dr Lee.

Dr Raab said: “Korea is one of Australia’s strongest trade partners and a manufacturing powerhouse. This collaboration strengthens the relationship between both nations and opens up new opportunities for technology developments across the CCUS value chain, including ‘transboundary CCS’, and the international trading of CO2.”

“CCUS is a proven, safe, large-scale emission reduction technology that will enable Australia’s industry to transition to a net-zero future.”

KIGAM President Dr. Pyeong-Koo Lee says KIGAM is committed to fulfilling their social responsibilities and contributing to sustainable national economic growth for the future.

“By collaborating with CO2CRC, we are furthering our commitment to CCUS as a vital emissions reduction technology which will support carbon neutrality goals.” said Dr Lee

CO2CRC operates the Otway International Test Centre in southwest Victoria, where it has safely and permanently stored and monitored carbon dioxide in a variety of rock formations for more than a decade. The research is done in collaboration with leading national and international researchers alongside industry partners to accelerate commercial technology solutions.

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For more information please contact:

Roy Anderson, CO2CRC Strategic Partnerships Manager on +61 3 8595 9624 or roy.anderson@co2crc.com.au