Expressions of Interest: Participation in Otway Stage 3 – CO2CRC’s next major project


CO2CRC Ltd is seeking Expressions of Interest from government, industry and research organisations to join the CO2CRC-led Otway Stage 3 Project.

CO2CRC Ltd has advanced the development of Carbon Capture and Storage as one of the solutions for CO2 emission reductions to both the industrial and energy sectors. We have advanced the safe deployment and validation of CCS technologies through collaborative international research efforts at our A$100 million research facility for more than a decade.

In the next stage of Otway, we will be investigating fit-for-purpose characterisation, subsurface monitoring and storage management. This includes an investment of new facilities and injection of a new plume to develop a suite of validated technologies and methodologies directly applicable to industry.

Project Scope

The challenges facing storage projects internationally range from high monitoring costs, uncertainty in monitoring timeframes and the degree of verification necessary for demonstrating safe storage. Compounding this is the impact our monitoring and other operations have at surface to landowners and the environment.

Through our Stage 3 research and operations at our Otway Research Facility, we aim to develop a ‘Toolbox of Technologies and Methodologies’ that will allow for significant reductions in the cost of long-term monitoring of CO2 while at the same time providing reassurances to regulators and communities of the permanent containment within the storage site. We aim to enable operators and regulators to effectively plan and cost CCS infrastructure and their regulatory regimes.

Project Details and Benefits

Commencing in Q1 2017 with the drilling of a new appraisal well, CO2CRC will install a sophisticated subsurface monitoring system with up to five new drill wells at our Otway site.   Through the monitoring project we will fulfil the following objectives:

  1. To deliver permanently deployed, real-time ‘downhole monitoring’ solutions
  2. To substantially increase the efficiency of CO2 storage monitoring
  3. To significantly reduce the surface footprint and impact of monitoring activities.

Further to monitoring we seek to accelerate technologies in characterisation, utilisation and management of the reservoir, as identified by the projects below.

Additionally, CO2CRC is keen to work with international collaborators and industry to further develop or introduce opportunities.


  1. Enhanced Fault Characterisation and Monitoring:
  • Test the accuracy to predict and model fault seals and other fault properties;
  • Test the capability to monitor across or along fault flow/seal and other geomechanical properties.

Through pre-existing and newly acquired data along with our high-resolution buried seismic array and sub-surface monitoring facilities, we are growing technologies to accurately characterise and monitor faults rather than avoid sites with faults reliant as seals. Additionally, we aim to develop methodologies to predict a fault seal’s potential to contain CO2.


2. Enhanced Pore Space Utilisation:

  • Test technology options to better utilise the pore space resource. This may include: modifying density, injection rate, exploiting heterogeneity, increasing residual and dissolution trapping.

The Otway subsurface R&D facility provides a unique, fully instrumented, in-field opportunity to trial different injection styles with the possibility of multiple injections and multiple monitoring intervals. Ultimately, having methodologies to improve pore space utilisation will increase storage capacities, reduce monitoring costs relative to the volume stored and increase the viability for ‘hub’ style storage options.


3. Increased Effectiveness in Fluid Sample Monitoring:

  • Develop and test various in-situ geochemical monitoring techniques with the potential for real-time monitoring tests.

We aim to remove the current challenges in geochemical sampling such as chemical changes created through the sampling process (pressure and temperature changes) as well as provide real-time access to sample analysis and interpretation. This will allow for significantly improved response times to anomalies in the plume development and provide the reassurances required by regulators and industry.


4. Advanced Core Analysis:

  • Test new sample characterisation methodologies

By validating new characterisation techniques, our ‘Toolbox’ will provide a range of options for a fit-for-purpose approach to site characterisation.


5. Enhanced Monitoring:

  • Test innovative and emerging monitoring techniques.

By utilising our well understood and fully benchmarked site, we aim to validate a range of monitoring technologies to increase the toolbox of options for industry in selecting a fit-for-purpose monitoring technology suite.


Call for Expressions of Interest 

We invite you to be part of a dynamic CCS demonstration program and are keen to discuss with you how our Stage 3 Project scope, outcomes and ‘Toolbox of Technologies and Methodologies’ can better meet your CCS objectives.

Scientific Participants: An EoI from scientific participants can include the development and evaluation of the broad project concepts, or the introduction of additional research and development projects, or monitoring technologies and application techniques.

Investor Participants: We invite governments and businesses to invest in Otway Stage 3 and become partners of CO2CRC Limited where there are synergies and mutual benefits for both parties. We seek partners who have an interest in accelerating the uptake of CCS or who are keen to drive research in a direction which is of strategic and commercial importance.

CO2CRC have invested A$23.5M in cash to fund this commencement of Otway Stage 3 and are seeking a similar amount from a small group of investors to deliver the full project outcomes.


Background – CO2CRC’s Otway Research Facility

CO2CRC Ltd is the owner and operator of the Otway Research Facility located in south-western Victoria, Australia. This site covers approximately 10 hectares with a specially licensed zone around it of approximately 5km radius to permit the undertaking of environmental experiments and tests relating to CO2 storage.  Over several years, CO2CRC have demonstrated real-world injection, storage and monitoring techniques by safely sequestering more than 80,000 tonnes of CO2.

The Otway Research Facility is unique in terms of its variety in reservoir types and depth of operation/investigation.

The Otway’s combination of structurally closed depleted and open saline reservoirs, along with a ready supply of CO2, provides an ideal subsurface laboratory for accelerating storage technology maturation.

Our seismic buried receiver array and permanent sources are already validated from past experiments, offering the world’s best M&V system for benchmarking other monitoring tool tests.


CO2CRC Limited

For more than a decade, CO2CRC has led the Australian effort in demonstrable in-field research of carbon capture and large scale CO2 storage and monitoring. We have so far invested over A$100 million at our Otway Research Facility and have provided internationally recognised technical leadership to numerous collaborations with Australian and international research organisations, governments and businesses.

Following the inception of CO2CRC Limited as a private, not-for-profit research organisation (company limited by guarantee) in 2014, we aim to align our high-quality R&D with commercial understanding to assist governments and industries to find innovative ways to more efficiently manage your carbon footprint.


For further information

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Dr Max Watson
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Watch the video inviting expressions of interest in being part of Otway stage 3 here.