December 2020 CO2CRC Insights Newsletter

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This month’s edition covers:

Policy: Australia, Japan, the US and ASEAN join forces on CCUS

Investment: Shell launches Blue Hydrogen process

Policy: Geosciences Australia launches hydrogen opportunities mapping project

Research: Fibre-optic CCS monitoring system launched by Silixa

Research: CSIRO and Monash University announce breakthrough in direct air CO2capture 

Policy: German cement industry lays out plan to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050

Policy and investment: UK government commits GBP1 billion to carbon capture projects by the end of the decade

Investment: Danish Plan for subsea CO2storage clears important technical hurdle

Investment: Toshiba commences operating major CCS facility at biomass power plant

Policy: Carbon capture represents rare climate policy item with bilateral US support

FEATURE: CO2CRC successfully commences CO2 injection at the Otway International Test Centre