The critical role of CCS

An independent report looking at the role Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) could play in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the UK has been released.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Advisory Group on Carbon Capture and Storage, Lord Oxburgh, wrote to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy:

“I have had a long association with CCS and the CCS industry as do many members of the group. However, after so many false starts I began this study, as I know a number of my colleagues did, quite prepared to advise you to write-off CCS as a part of UK energy policy. As you will see, our report recommends the opposite of this.”

“I have been surprised myself at the absolutely central role which CCS has to play across the UK economy if we are to deliver the emissions reductions to which we are committed at the lowest possible cost to the UK consumer and taxpayer …”

The report highlights the flexibility, reliability, cost effectiveness and availability of CCS. These attributes are unique to CCS among low-carbon energy solutions.

The report highlights the critical role CCS will play in helping the UK reach their emission reduction targets. Australia faces similar challenges to the UK in their efforts to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide

This report highlights the need to increase the deployment of CCS in the UK, but the same can be said for the situation in Australia. For Australia to reach their carbon dioxide emission reductions target by 2050, some very deep cuts will have to be made, and this reports shows the crucial role that CCS can play in making these deep emission cuts.

To download a copy of this report please follow this link