Past capture research program

CO2CRC’s capture research program commenced in 2003 and focused on a number of themes:

  • Developing materials and processes for CO2 capture from post-combustion and pre-combustion gas streams.
  • Designing for optimal heat integration.
  • Reducing the cost of capture.

In collaboration with five universities in Australia, a range of CO2 capture techniques were investigated such as:

  • Gas separation and capture technologies for a wide range of carbon dioxide producing applications including post combustion, pre-combustion and oxyfuels, power and natural gas production, and for all fossil fuel energy sources such as black and brown coal, natural gas and biofuels.
  • Gas absorption processes.
  • Gas separation and gas absorption membranes.
  • Solid adsorption products and processes.
  • Cryogenic and hydrate gas separation processes.
  • Other hybrid applications.