Atmospheric Monitoring Network

Atmospheric scientists from the University of Melbourne and the University of Wollongong conducted research to validate the following three types of instruments and their ability to measure the concentration and variability of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere: the Open-Path Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer, Spectronus and Picarro.

Key CCS Focus:

Providing assurance that any leaks associated with the storage site will be detected within the Gippsland near-shore region.
Testing the sensitivity of the sensors

  • How precise are the open-path measurements?
  • How does this change with pathlength?
  • What impact does the dynamic near-shore environment have?

Optimising observation geometries – using the model to determine:

  • What is the optimum open-path pathlength?
  • Where should we deploy other instruments?

Understanding how to adapt these configurations for Gippsland near-shore environment

  • What real world constraints do we have to consider?