Otway Subsurface Laboratory

A significant amount of funding was dedicated to expanding the subsurface infrastructure at CO2CRC’s Otway International Test Centre. The work program included the drilling and instrumentation of five deep wells to support CO2CRC’s Otway Stage 3 Project. The primary objectives of Otway Stage 3 are the demonstration and validation of two novel subsurface monitoring systems. These two systems include a) high resolution vertical seismic profiles using novel fibre optic technologies in all five wells inside and outside of casing as receivers, and stationary orbital vibrators as low energy seismic sources, and b) pressure tomography and inversion. Both technologies aim to image the carbon dioxide in the subsurface at substantially lower costs and with a lower operational footprint than conventional 3D seismic on land and in marine environments. The outcomes of the field trials will directly inform the CarbonNet project and also other CCS projects world-wide in the development of fit-for-purpose subsurface monitoring at a commercial scale.
The expansion of CO2CRC’s Otway International Test Centre by five new deep wells in 2019 provides Australia with a globally unique and unmatched subsurface research infrastructure which is available for collaborative and industrial research.

Key CCS Focus:

  • Demonstrate safe, reliable, and cost-effective subsurface monitoring of CO2.
  • Provide subsurface research infrastructure available for national and international research groups, consortia and industry to trial new technologies and concepts under field conditions.

Resulting Publications

James Gunning, Jonathan Ennis-King, Tara LaForce, Charles Jenkins, Lincoln Paterson, Bayesian well-test 2D tomography inversion for CO2 plume detection, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume 94, 2020, 102804,

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Pevzner, R, Glubokovskikh, S, Sidenko, E, Tertyshnikov, K and Yavuz, S, 2019. Preliminary findings from passive and active seismic interferometry using optical fibre in CRC-2 and CRC-3 wells: implications for acquisition geometry at CO2CRC Otway Project Stage 3. CO2CRC Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, CO2CRC Publication Number TBN19-5993.

Pevzner, R, Glubokovskikh, S, Sidenko, E, Tertyshnikov, K, Yavuz, S, Bona, A, Gurevich, B, Shapiro,S and Johan,L, 2019. Feasibility study of passive downhole seismic monitoring, micro seismic monitoring and seismic interferometry using DAS data from CO2CRC Otway Project Stage 3 wells. CO2CRC Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, CO2CRC Publication Number RPT19-6027.

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