Africa’s largest private power company has become a member of leading global carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) research organisation, CO2CRC.

Sahara Group, a major energy and infrastructure conglomerate, has joined the Australian-based CO2CRC as it strives to reduce its emissions footprint and build a more sustainable business model.

The company’s emissions reduction aspirations will be led by Sahara Upstream and Sahara Power divisions in Nigeria, with subsequent replication across other divisions and locations.

CO2CRC Chief Executive Dr Matthias Raab said Sahara Group’s membership was a significant development.

“Nigeria is the largest country in Africa with a population of more than 205 million people and it is facing significant challenges in producing energy for its people while striving to reduce emissions,” Dr Raab said.

“Nigeria is a significant oil and gas producer, but also a country where millions of citizens lack access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy.

“As it moves towards widespread electrification, Nigeria is a perfect candidate for CCUS on an industrial scale to balance its need for a modern power network that can provide reliable and affordable energy for a country with a population eight times the size of Australia.

“Through our partnership, we will work closely with Sahara Group to understand their aspirations and to ensure our research can facilitate their aim to be an energy provider committed to lowering their emissions.

“CO2CRC welcomes Sahara Group as a member of CO2CRC and looks forward to supporting their energy transition to a lower emissions future.”

Ejiro Gray, Director, Governance and Sustainability, Sahara Group, said membership reinforces Sahara’s leading role in driving innovation for the transformation of the energy industry in Africa.

“Our commitment to the sustainability of the planet, business, and ultimately society, is the driving force for continuous innovation and improvement through the evolution of thought patterns and our business processes,” she said.

Henry Menkiti, Chief Operating Officer, Asharami Energy (a Sahara Group Upstream company), said Sahara was delighted to join CO2CRC noting that membership will play a major role in steering Nigeria’s energy industry towards emissions reduction and resource efficiency.

“These are key areas in Sahara’s Environmental Sustainability focus, and a first of its kind on the continent,” he said.


About CO2CRC

Operating since 2003, CO2CRC is a world leader in CCUS research. The organisation owns and operates the Otway International Test Centre in Nirranda South, South-West Victoria, Australia.

CO2CRC is a not-for-profit research organisation that receives support from global industry, universities and government bodies – bringing together the world’s best scientists, engineers and industry leaders to deliver research, products and services to advance the implementation of CCUS technologies.

About Sahara

Operating in over 42 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Sahara Group is a leading energy and infrastructure conglomerate, delivering sustainable solutions in upstream, downstream, midstream and power sectors, driven by over 5000 employees from diverse nationalities.

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For more information please contact:

Roy Anderson, CO2CRC Strategic Partnerships Manager on +61 3 8595 9624 or

Henry Menkiti, Chief Operating Officer, Asharami Energy (A Sahara Group Upstream company) on +1 (713) 852-7169 or