CO2CRC staff attended the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday 12 June 2017.  Dr Max Watson, Robert Hilkes, Fiona Koelmeyer and Justine Loe had front row seats at the program’s special on Australia’s energy future.

CO2CRC posed two questions to the panel.

Max asked “The International Energy Agency and the International Panel for Climate Change both have concluded that carbon capture and storage, along with renewables and other measures are ALL essential technology if we are to meet the Paris COP21 targets. I was therefore pleased to note that the government intends to change the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act to allow it to invest in CSS. Will Labor support these changes?”

Max then went on to explain that CCS is a viable technology, demonstrated around the world and able to capture carbon emitted from the production of gas, coal, steel, bio fuels and even the carbon produced by wind turbines.

Justine asked “Household electricity bills have doubled in the past decade, hitting the elderly, those on government benefits and small business owners hard. As Australia moves away from coal and towards renewables, how does this review address energy affordability for the most vulnerable?”

Q&A puts politicians, experts and the public together in a studio to thrash out hot issues.