A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Korean CCUS Association (K-CCUS) and CO2CRC which includes research collaboration and accelerating technology advancements through field demonstrations at CO2CRC’s Otway International Test Centre in Australia.

K-CCUS Association is Korea’s leading organisation for technological development and commercialisation of CCUS. Originating from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and private sector and academic stakeholders, K-CCUS leads as a member-based organisation, bringing together government agencies, private businesses, and academic experts from across the Korean CCUS value chain. K-CCUS provides expert analysis and policy advice, technology support, workforce education and cooperates internationally.

“This Memorandum of Understanding recognises K-CCUS as an important partner in advancing break-through low emission technologies assisted through Australia’s International Partnership Program. It provides an opportunity to jointly prototype, demonstrate and upscale technology breakthroughs as required by Korea’s 2050 Carbon Neutral Technology Roadmap and Australia’s Low Emission Technology Investment Roadmap to achieve net zero emissions by 2050” said Dr Matthias Raab, Chief Executive of CO2CRC.

“The combination of expert researchers and industry involvement from Korea and Australia, will accelerate the technology development and utilise Australia’s unique research infrastructure at CO2CRC’s Otway International Test Centre. Opportunities include commercially relevant demonstrations by upscaling carbon capture and storage technologies, as well as converting carbon-to-products and direct air capture with large carbon storage” he said.

“The collaboration between K-CCUS and CO2CRC will not only allow us to further develop research and technologies for CCUS, but also build mutual exchange programs for industry and researchers to build organisational and people-to-people links and learnings through the direct experience and demonstration of projects.” said Professor Yi Kyun Kwon, Director General of K-CCUS.

“The exploration of international CCUS-based networks and solutions for countries with limited geological storage, such as Korea will help further combat climate change” he said.


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For further information please contact:

Roy Anderson | 0435 474 342 | roy@anderson@co2crc.com.au