Carbon Capture, Utilization and Geological Storage: Principles, Practices, and Applications course

Dates and locations for sessions

Classroom session

7 – 9 May 2024

Melbourne, AUS

Virtual session

20 – 22 August 2024


Classroom session

12 – 14 November 2024

Melbourne, AUS

Course Summary

This comprehensive 3-day course delves into the intricate realm of CCUS. Participants will gain insights into the urgent need for emission reduction measures, particularly in the context of fossil fuel usage and industrial processes. The course explores the principles underlying geological storage, methodologies for site identification, and various CO2 capture technologies employed in stationary sources.

Additionally, it delves into the crucial aspects of compression, transport, and the economics surrounding CCUS initiatives. Furthermore, participants will examine the multifaceted landscape of community engagement, safety protocols, legal frameworks, and regulatory requirements inherent in successful CCUS deployment.

Throughout the course, real-world examples and case studies from operational projects worldwide will be utilised to provide context to the challenges and opportunities within the field, providing organisations and individuals with the requisite knowledge and skills to navigate this evolving landscape. 

CCUS Fundamentals Course, carbon capture, utilization and storage course


  • Context for CCS/CCUS as an emissions-reduction Measure 
  • Principles of geological storage 
  • Identification of suitable geological storage sites 
  • Stationary sources of CO2 for capture 
  • CO2 capture technologies 
  • Compression and transport of CO2 
  • Economics of CCS/CCUS 
  • Community, safety, legal & regulatory issues 
  • Risk assessment 

Classroom session

8:30 – 5:00pm (AEST) 

Seats are limited to 20 to give the best experience to the attendees 

Virtual session

8:30 – 5:00pm (AEST) 


“On behalf of Cooper Energy, I commend CO2CRC for their excellent CCUS course. It provided a comprehensive overview of the opportunities, complexities and challenges across all aspects the carbon capture, utilisation and storage sectors.”

– James Clarke, Cooper Energy

Training Outcomes

On completion of this CCUS course participants will have developed the capability to: 

  • Identify the need for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) 
  • Outline the key steps in the CCS process. 
  • Distinguish key characteristics of geological reservoirs and seals for safe, effective CO2 storage.
  • Describe the importance of permeability and porosity to storing CO2.
  • Contrast the geological structures and trapping mechanisms for storing CO2. 
  • Describe the changes in geologically stored CO2 over time. 
  • Outline the monitoring techniques employed to ensure the CO2 is safely stored. 
  • Appreciate the industrial applications of CO2 capture. 
  • Recognize the scale of industry required for transporting and storing CO2. 
  • Describe economic considerations for CCS/CCUS. 
  • Outline the economic and environmental opportunities and challenges with using CO2 injection in a range of applications. 
  • Explain the challenges of regulatory frameworks and public acceptance in a CCS/CCUS project. 
  • Identify potential risks of a CCS/CCUS project. 
  • Outline the risk assessment and management process. 


    • Twenty (20) hours of visual and verbal learning 
    • Hard copy of presentation materials at the start of the course 
    • Digital copy of all presentation materials after the course 
    • Digital certificate of attendance for all attendees 
    • Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea for classroom sessions 

    Suitable for

      • Project Managers, Business Leaders and Advisors looking to upskill in CCUS knowledge. 
      • Energy Industry Professionals in the energy sector, including oil and gas, power generation and renewable energy, interested in understanding CCUS processes. 
      • Academics and Researchers studying CCUS, seeking to deepen their knowledge. 

      Attendees will gain knowledge on the technical, geological, and commercial aspects of CCUS and the invaluable opportunity to understand the applications and potential of CCUS in Australia and Internationally.  

      Registration cost

      Program fee covers tuition and meals. 

      CO2CRC members: $,1500* 

      Non-members: $2,700* 

      *Prices exclude GST 

      Please note, minimum participant numbers will be required to run this event. 

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