CO2CRC’s largest emissions reduction research project has kicked-off this week in Nirranda South, Western Victoria. The first stage of a $42 million carbon capture and storage (CCS) project will commence with the drilling of a new appraisal well at CO2CRC’s Otway Research Facility.

The project will focus primarily on developing a cost effective ‘smart field’ where up to 40,000 tonnes of CO2 will be injected underground and monitored using various new tools and techniques in real-time. This injection amount is necessary to model a commercial storage project of 4 million tonnes per annum of CO2. The project has been designed to be transferrable to different environments both onshore and offshore making it a valuable investment for a range of industries.

Tania Constable, CEO of CO2CRC said “A smart field gives regulators and the community confidence that the CO2 can be constantly monitored at lower cost.”

“Once installed in the subsurface, the technology will pinpoint the areas of risk faster and be cheaper to operate than traditional methods of CO2 monitoring. Our instruments sit below ground, potentially doing away the need for expensive and disruptive above ground seismic surveys,” Ms Constable said.

CCS scientists from around the world will come together to work on the next phase of the Otway monitoring and verification program.

“Our substantial investment in the Otway Research Facility and supporting businesses in the local community shows that CO2CRC is here to stay for the long-term,” said Ms Constable.


To talk with Tania Constable about CO2CRC’s operations please contact:

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