Optimising CO2 Storage

At CO2CRC’s world-renowned Otway International Test Centre we develop and test CO2 storage technologies, modelling and monitoring solutions.

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Reducing Capture Cost

We develop cost-effective technologies, including membranes, adsorbents and hybrid systems, that can capture millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide under a variety of conditions.

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Enhancing CO2 Utilisation

We examine ways to use carbon dioxide, such as through enhanced oil recovery (EOR), biorefinery and CO2 conversion to valuable products.

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Who is CO2CRC

Operating since 2003, CO2CRC is a world leader in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) research. We own and operate the Otway International Test Centre in Nirranda South, south-west Victoria, Australia.

Through collaborations with respected industry, academic and government partners, we design and manage research in carbon capture, storage, utilisation and monitoring. From bench-scale to field demonstrations, CO2CRC seeks to advance the implementation of CCUS.

CCUS – an important emissions reduction technology

Reducing the amount of CO2 being produced by humans is important if we are going to stop significant increases in global temperatures and climate change.

CO2 emissions can be reduced by increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, but these things alone are not enough. We also need to put in place emissions reduction technologies like CCUS, which captures the CO2 produced from burning fossil fuels and either stores or uses it so it cannot enter the atmosphere. The world is still very dependent on fossil fuels, and will be for some time to come, so CCUS is an important technology to greatly reduce the emissions created by their use.

Otway Stage 3 Project

This project is developing technologies which reduce the cost and environmental footprint of long-term CO2 storage monitoring for CCUS projects. Read more here.

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