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Optimising storage

Technology development for commercial scale application

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Reducing capture costs

Compact CO2 capture solutions under high pressure conditions suited to offshore natural gas separation applications

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Enhancing CO2 utilisation

CO2 enhanced hydrocarbon recovery in Australia and CO2 conversion to value-added products

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Collaboration and leadership

CO2CRC is the technical leader in CCS in Australia

Applied research

CO2CRC conduct research from fundamental concepts right through to field scale deployment.

Through CO2CRC’s Otway International Test Centre we aim to bridge the technology innovation gap and advance research developed in universities and progress towards commercialisation


Building a low emissions future

CO2CRC is Australia’s leading carbon capture, utilisation and storage research organisation with over 15 years of experience safely capturing, storing and monitoring CO2.

CO2CRC’s research portfolio extends to clean hydrogen and other low emission technologies such as Direct Air Capture and Carbon Negative Biorefineries.

In collaboration with internationally respected industry, academic and government partners CO2CRC delivers low emission technology solutions to the world.

Tonnes of CO<sub>2</sub> safely stored

Research Publications


The Otway International Test Centre

Owned and operated by CO2CRC, the Otway International Test Centre is arguably one of the best characterised subsurface research sites globally for low emissions technology development.

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A leader in the industry

CO2CRC has built a wide and expert network of members and partners that stretch across industry, research and government. By becoming a member of CO2CRC you’ll gain access to a variety of research, networking opportunities, webinars, events, and more.

    Members and Partners

    Since 2003, we have been working closely with our members and partners on collaborative research and pre-commercisalistion of low emission technology

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